No doubt, in Hungary you can find 60-70% more favorable prices regarding dental treatments than in Ireland or in the UK.  And Hungarian dental clinics also provide the latest technical solutions and materials with professional dentists and staff at reasonable prices. High quality yet affordable dental implant based full mouth dental rehabilitation in the capital of dental treatments abroad – Budapest.

Implant supported full mouth reconstruction at an affordable price

No matter if you have all your teeth missing, an implant-supported full bridge or full denture can be made to replace them to regain your healthy smile. Your lost natural teeth and even some of the roots can be replaced by dental implants. A full mouth reconstruction (lower and upper jaw) costs about 11.500 Euro or so in Hungary. You may have to pay double or more in your home country. Alternatively, All-on-4 dental treatment is also available in Hungarian dental clinics. It is important to know what services the cost include.

Full mouth dental implants abroad

Usually the cost of dental implant includes the price paid to the manufacturer for the screw, the dental clinic rental fee, services such as electricity, heating, telephone etc., salaries, maintenance, cleaning. The pirce of dental implants includes  all the above mentioned costs of dental implants and the profit of the clinic. Hungarian dental clinics try to keep the costs low and set the profit to a reasonable level, that is how they can offer reasonable prices of dental services. Read the latest findings on Canadian dental health options.

Dental implant supported fixed or removable dentures

How to decide to have fixed or removable dentures? You have to take several points of view into consideration before making a decision.  One of these is the quantity and the quality of the remaining bone you have. Normally if the remaining bone is sufficient for dental implantation it is recommended to have fixed bridge or fixed denture after the extraction or after the teeth lost. On the other side, if the bone loss is excessive but at least 4 implants can be still replaced to the front region, then you will be advised to have removable or hybrid denture, also called overdenture.

The process of full replacement with fix denture over dental implants is as follows: the first step is to place fix dentures over at least 6 implants or to even more implants if possible. Then a healing period of usually 3 month is necessary after the extraction. When the bone is optimal the implants are placed to the prepared bone.

After a 3-4 month recovery time the implants are integrated in the bone. The next step is to prepare the impression and then the final crowns or denture. These can be made of porcelain fused to metal crown or denture or can be made from metal free material like the zirconium crown or denture or full porcelain crown or denture.

Dental bridges and crowns: full mouth restoration (upper / lower jaw)

Nowadays a great many elderly people use removable denture called overdenture or hybrid denture.  The artificial teeth are attached to an artificial pink coloured plastic base similar to the colour of the gum. Invisible clips or special denture adhesive connects the denture to the implants that is how the denture is kept in place while speaking or eating. It is an absolute aesthetic and stable solution based on dental implants which also replace the lost gum. Read similar dental care related in formation on healthy teeth and treatments.

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