Dental Clinic in Budapest, Hungary: get a whole mouth dental reconstruction and enjoy your smile!

Iceland has become a popular destination for both US citizens as well as Europeans. Although it’s not close to either of these places it’s hard to resist the beautiful landscape and friendly people. But there is a cost to being so isolated which translates into very expensive goods and services, especially for Dental treatment.

To solve this problem many Icelanders, travel abroad to Europe for less expensive treatment. The most popular destination is Hungary with Kreativ Dental, Helvetic Clinic, and Madenta Dental Clinic being the most popular. With a population of approximately 372,000 in Iceland there seems to plenty of demand for treatment in Hungary. While these 3 clinics provide a good service there is always room for one more to create more competition and better care.

As with all lucrative ventures there is always a newcomer around the corner which in this case is Smile Expert. A successful clinic for Hungarians throughout the years, Smile Expert has grown to support those medical tourists looking for quality and affordable care. This is not a “start-up” practice but one which has grown into the lucrative area of Dental Tourism and has the history and expertise to follow this successfully.

Is Dental Treatment expensive in Iceland?

Overall, dental treatment in Iceland tends to be relatively expensive compared to some other countries. This is mainly due to the high cost of living and operating expenses in Iceland, which can influence healthcare costs, including dental care.

It’s important to note that dental care in Iceland is not covered by the country’s national health insurance system unlike the NHS in the UK. Therefore, individuals are responsible for paying for their dental treatment out of pocket or through private dental insurance if they have it. This lack of coverage can contribute to the higher costs.

To get accurate and up-to-date information on the cost of dental treatment in Iceland, it would be best to contact dental clinics directly or consult with local healthcare providers or insurance companies that can provide specific pricing details based on your needs.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that prices can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the treatment, the dentist’s experience, and the location of the dental clinic within Iceland. Therefore, it may be beneficial to explore different options and compare prices before deciding.

Let’s take a look at what the difference in actual prices are in Iceland (average cost) compared to Smile Expert in Budapest, Hungary. As is the case for a majority of Dental Tourism around the globe, most patients will travel for procedures that are more complicated and costly. So, for brevity’s sake we will just provide the more complicated and expensive procedures.

All on 4 (10 Teeth) 6,500 (Euros) 19,500 (Euros)
All on 4 (12 Teeth) 7,000 21,000
All on 6 (Premium) 8,750 26,250
All on 4 (20 Teeth) 11,300 33,900
All on 4 (24 Teeth) 12,000 36,000
All on 6 (Premium) 15,200 45,600
3 Crowns 1,200 3,600
4, 7, 11, Crowns 1,500  2,450  3,575 4,500  7,350  10,725

All stated prices for Smile Expert can change and should be taken as a base. It is best to contact the clinic to discuss your treatment and prices. The prices for Iceland are based on averages of the various clinics and can also change. It is best to contact your desired clinic for treatment and costs.

** The price of the Implant Packages for Smile Expert includes a number of costs which are all part of the price. Below is a list of just some of what is included in the published prices.

Consultation CT Scan Tooth Extraction Temporary Crown
Medication Anesthesia 3 Nights at a Hotel Airport Transfer

In many cases the price will also include the total cost or partial cost of a return ticket from your city of departure. Please discuss this with the clinic when making the necessary arrangements. The accommodations (Vision Hotel) are only 300 meters from the clinic in one of best neighborhoods in Budapest.

Why is Dental Treatment so expensive in Iceland?

Several factors contribute to the relatively high cost of dental treatment in Iceland. Here are some possible reasons:

  1. High cost of living: Iceland has one of the highest costs of living in the world, which affects various aspects of daily life, including healthcare. Dentists and dental clinics have to cover their overhead expenses, such as rent, utilities, equipment, and staff salaries, which can be significant in an expensive country like Iceland.
  2. Limited competition: Iceland has a relatively small population, and the number of dental clinics and dentists might be limited compared to more densely populated countries. Limited competition can contribute to higher prices since there is less pressure to offer lower prices in a market with fewer alternatives.
  3. Technological advancements: Dental clinics often invest in advanced technologies and equipment to provide high-quality dental care. These investments come at a cost, which can be reflected in the prices of dental treatments. Iceland’s commitment to maintaining advanced healthcare infrastructure may contribute to higher treatment costs.
  4. Education and expertise: Becoming a dentist requires extensive education and training. The cost of dental education and the expertise of dental professionals can influence the prices of dental treatments. Dentists may need to charge higher fees to cover their education costs and maintain their skills.
  5. Lack of public coverage: Dental care in Iceland is not covered by the country’s national health insurance system, which means individuals are responsible for paying for their dental treatments out of pocket or through private dental insurance. Without public coverage, dental clinics do not have a predetermined fee structure, allowing them more flexibility in setting prices.

It’s important to note that these factors are general observations, and the actual cost of dental treatment can vary depending on the specific procedure, dental clinic, and individual circumstances. It is advisable to consult with local dental professionals or contact dental clinics directly in Iceland for detailed and up-to-date information on treatment costs.

Why come to Budapest, Hungary?

For the past 20 years Budapest has become the premier Medical Tourism destination for those in Europe and elsewhere. As a member of the European Union the standards and treatment of the private clinics are on par with or in most cases superior to other clinics throughout Europe and elsewhere. Because of the below average cost of living compared to the rest of the countries in the region, Hungary can provide the most competitive pricing.

On top of receiving great dental treatment at an affordable rate you also get the chance to enjoy one of the most premier cities in all of Europe. Budapest is not just the gem of Eastern Europe but of all Europe. With the ability to turn your dental treatment into a vacation to Budapest from Iceland, it’s no doubt an easy decision to make.

Contact Smile Expert to discuss the first step to a beautiful and healthy smile. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future!