Dental implants abroad: Budapest, Hungary attracts UK patients

Need dental implants? Want All-on 4 implants or implant-supported partial dentures? Dentists in Budapest now offer prime quality dental treatment – dental care that you can afford. All it takes a booked flight and 2 hours of travelling to reach your professional dentistry in Budapest.Budapest dental treatments Do you need more info on dental costs? You can save 60-70% of your home treatment with state-of-the-art dental care technology. Dental treatment takes place in Budapest, Hungary.

Read testimonials, case studies our healthy teeth tips and compare before and after images so that you can judge if a dental holiday is worth the trouble. All patients who choose our clinic will get real value for money! Feel free to ask for a consultation – free of charge! Are you concerned about quality of work performed? Professional dentists do their best to get all patients satisfied – word of mouth is the most effective way of advertisment. And indeed, we get patients via recommendation from our previous patients.

Full mouth dental implants abroad, Hungary is a good choice

Due to the failed NHS dentist provision in the UK many people travel to Hungary for cosmetic dentistry treatment in order to get quality dental work done and save up to 65-70% on UK dental costs. Dental specialists will look after your travel and accommodation needs and you can take advantage of low cost airlines flying to Budapest.

Apart from lower costs and top notch treatments UK patients can benefit from the immediate option to start dental procedures, there are no no wating lists. Hungary is within easy reach by plane and dental clinics are equipped with the latest technology. Dental implants costs are much lower than in the UK so are dental crowns and bridges or inlays.

Dental implant supported full mouth denture with upper / lower jaw rehabilitation is one of the solutions most UK dental patients seek. All-on-4 dental implants can save you a lot of money if you get the dental tratment abroad, in Budapest, Hungary.

Thinking about dental implants overseas?

Each year, numerous individuals contemplate the idea of traveling abroad for dental implant procedures. Dental facilities overseas frequently market themselves as more cost-effective than those in the UK, but there are numerous considerations when it comes to seeking implant treatment or any other dental service abroad. Prior to making any commitments, it is crucial that you are well-informed about the associated risks and what you can anticipate.

Is dental implant treatment genuinely more affordable abroad?

It is not uncommon for dental clinics abroad to promote dental implant services at prices lower than the UK’s average, which is approximately £2,500. The disparity in cost can be attributed to various factors, such as reduced labour and overhead expenses, less expensive facilities, and lower insurance premiums.

This cost evaluation should also encompass:

  • Round-trip flights (which may necessitate multiple flights)
  • Time off work, including potential lost earnings due to additional time off
  • Hotel accommodations, which might extend up to three weeks for intricate treatments
  • Food and other living expenses while abroad
  • Airport parking charges
  • Fuel or train fares to and from UK airports
  • Taxi fares or car rental expenses

Many dental packages include complimentary nights at upscale 4 or 5-star hotels and complimentary airport transfers.

The Risks of Receiving Dental Treatment Abroad

The most significant risk of obtaining dental implants abroad is the uncertainty surrounding potential complications. It is imperative that you are fully aware of all possible risks before committing to any treatment. Currently, success rates in Budapest, Hungary are at 98%.

Regulatory and Consumer Protection Considerations

Dental treatment is not subject to uniform regulation in every nation. In the UK, dentistry is governed by the General Dental Council (GDC). Dental practitioners working in the UK must be registered with the GDC and possess appropriate indemnity insurance. In the event of any issues, it is easy to file a complaint, and the GDC can investigate as required. However, the GDC lacks the authority to investigate dental procedures performed outside the UK. If issues arise with the treatment received abroad, retrieving funds can be challenging.

Regulatory standards vary from one country to another, so if you are contemplating dental treatment abroad, it is crucial to conduct comprehensive research regarding the regulation of dentistry in your intended destination. In Budapest, Hungary, European Union laws apply, providing a secure environment for patients.

Post-Treatment Complications

Numerous reports and anecdotes exist of patients experiencing post-treatment complications that lead to significant oral health problems or worse. Unfortunately, obtaining follow-up treatment in your home country can be complicated if complications arise since it is challenging for local dentists to rectify implants placed abroad. Budapest, Hungary is conveniently accessible, and frequent budget airlines make it easy to receive prompt treatment if necessary.

For those considering overseas treatment, thorough research on the chosen dental clinic, the qualifications of the dentist, and the offered guarantees is imperative.

Medical History and Consultations

When receiving treatment abroad, your dentist will be unfamiliar with your dental history, and a comprehensive consultation may not be feasible before commencing treatment, potentially leading to serious issues.

It is advisable to discuss your intentions with your dentist before committing to any procedure. They can offer guidance based on your specific dental history and provide detailed information on potential risks.

If you are determined to have implants placed abroad, you should request copies of your dental records to send to your overseas dentist and provide your regular UK dentist with copies of your implant records.

Dentists in Budapest, Hungary routinely begin with X-rays and CT scans to gain a comprehensive understanding of prior treatments and changes in oral structure.

Where exactly do you need to travel to save up on dental treatment?

A 2 hour-long flight to Central Europe – you will arrive in Budapest. Hungary is the hot spot for dental treatments abroad and it receives 40% of all dental patients of Europe. As a member country of the EU Hungary has to meet relevant regulations and Budapest lives up to its reputation in terms of service quality. Our patients are highly satisfied with both private dental treatments and additional services (organisation of the whole dental trip) and they really regarard the whole dental package as VALUE for money as they get what they are looking for – highly professional services at an affordable price!

What awaits patients in Budapest?

Full mouth dental rehabilitation abroad - Budapest, Hungary

State-of-the-art technology, well equipped dental surgeries and professional experienced team of dentists. Real value for money as the prices and costs are much lower than in the UK or Ireland. Friendly dental staff looks after patients during their stay in Budapest, Hungary. We provide FULL-SERVICE dental experience: besides the top quality dental work we help you organise every element of your dental holiday!

How about the cost of dental implants?

Any UK patient can save up to 60-70% of the dental implant cost that they would pay in a UK or Irish surgery. We also provide guarantee for 10 years in the case of dental implants.

Dental holidays to Budapest, Hungary

Do not worry about anything – dental tourism to Hungary is organised and a searched feature of the industry. Ireland and UK patients visit this country to save up money and get quality treatment with all the amenities to make the whole treatment more endurable. We understand that having a full mouth dental rehabilitation may have a huge burden on our patients – especially in a foreign environment. That’s why we help you organise all elements of your dental travel from bookings to transfers as well as guidance during your stay in Budapest.