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Private Dental Treatment Price List 2023

Conservative dentistry
Temporary cement filling 13 €
Groove closure 26 €
Tooth reconstruction 76 €
Aesthetic filling/1 surfaces 61 €
Aesthetic filling/2 surfaces 71 €
Aesthetic filling/3+ surfaces 79 €
Tooth filling under microscopic magnification 132 €
Trephination (first aid) 26 €
Microscopic / magnified root canal treatment 1 channel 145 €
Microscopic / magnified root canal treatment 2 channels 211 €
Microscopic / magnified root canal treatment 3 channels or more 303 €
Crown/ Bridge / Pin removal / Tooth 0 €
Temporary crown surgery 18 €
Temporary crown laboratory 34 €
Clips 92 €
3D printed tooth test 121 €
Wax-up/tooth 26 €
Inlay (Gradia) 211 €
Inlay (E-max) 276 €
Metal-ceramic crown 261 €
Zirconium crown with ceramic veneer 303 €
Full contour (monolithic) zirconium crown 303 €
Bonded metal-ceramic crown for implant 276 €
Screw-retained metal-ceramic crown for implant 276 €
Screw-retained zirconium crown for implant 316 €
Artificial gum for crown per tooth 53 €
Artificial stump with cast pin 92 €
Carbon fibre or metal pin reinforcement 76 €
Complete removable denture / jawbone 758 €
Full plate removable denture / jawbone 908 €
Partial metal plate denture / jawbone 908 €
Denture repair, base lining 92 €
Press-ceramic shell (E-max) 289 €
Press-ceramic crown (E-max) 289 €
Bite raising splint fabrication 92 €
Combined denture insert replacement 79 €
All-on-X 3d printed with implant temporary 605 €
All-on-X 3d printed with BLX implant temporary 730 €
All-on-X prosthesis service 105 €
Facebow bite fixation 61 €
Bite registration with retaining pin 184 €
Arcus Digma 2 temporomandibular joint measurement 303 €
Primer Stéges kontrukció/db 63 €
Oral surgery
Tooth removal 61 €
Surgical tooth extraction, sculptio 121 €
SAlveolitis kezelés 47 €
Root resection 158 €
Maxillary sinus closing surgery 105 €
Sinus elevation surgery (bone grafting) 461 €
PRF bone grafting 237 €
Verticalis/Horizontalis Augmentacio 605 €
Surgical template for implantation 237 €
Implant placement (Alpha Bio) 325 €
Implant placement (Neodent) 513 €
Implant placement (Straumann BLX) 776 €
Implant release/implant 79 €
Fixation of implants with locators 271 €
Implant removal 105 €
Implant head titanium Neodent 158 €
Implant placement (Straumann BLX) 242 €
Custom implant abutment 184 €
Medicine 0 €

Private dental treatment costs abroad – Budapest, Hungary

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