Please study the list of dental treatment costs below. Prices are of informational nature only. To get a custom-made dental treatment plan you need to ask for a consultation via e-mail or by phone. Consultation is free of charge and you will get all the information you need to make that informed decision whether to go abroad for dental treatment or not.

In general we can say that you will save 60-70% on your local treatment costs. We will help you in every aspect of your dental holiday and we may cover certain costs to help you with getting to Budapest and staying in Hungary during your dental treatment abroad. Our service is real value for money – where quality of work and treatments costs meet highest expectations.

Diagnostics and planning

Digital Panoramic X-ray £35
3D Cone-Beam CT scan £100
Intra-oral small X-ray £17
Digital Smile Design £235
Gnathological measurement £230


Conservative dentistry

Professional dental cleaning £60
Composite filling £70 – 100
Root canal treatment £100- 200 (1-4 canals)
Root canal filling £55-70
Post and core £140
Whitening one jaw £130
Whitening both jaws £220



Porcelain fused to metal crown / bridge element £200
Full ceramic crown £330
Zirconia crowns / bridges £330
Nobel Biocare Procera Zirconia crown £700
Composite or gold inlay £210
Belle-Glass Inlay £230
Porcelain inlay (IPS e.Max) £250
Ceramic veneer (IPS e.Max) £290
Telescopic crown £250
Model-cast prostheses £1100
Full premium denture £550
Temporary denture £340
Temporary crown £15
Temporary crown for long-term with/out metal support £65 – 80
Tooth preparation and crown build-up £50
Individual bite registration and impression taking £40


Oral surgery

Smartguide implantology with template (per jaw) £420
DIO Implant £550
DIO Titanium abutment £150
Nobel Biocare Parallel CC Implant £750
Nobel Biocare titanium abutment £ 200
Extraction (simple) £45
Extraction (surgical) £95
Extraction (wisdom tooth) £130
Sinus elevation incl. surgical fee, membrane and 0,5 Gramm BioOss £570
Bone augmentation surgery and 0,5 gramm BioOss £270


Other dental treatments

Removal of old crowns £15
General anaesthetic (price per hour) £250
Night guard £85

Dental treatment costs abroad – Budapest, Hungary

Send us an e-mail with your queries and we will let you know how much you can save at our dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary. Our dentists provide you high quality service at an affordable price – some patients may tag our treatment prices even cheap for the standard we provide. Hungary attracts more than 40% of all dental patients from Europe. Reputation that Hungarian cosmetic dentists and dental clinics deserve is high and we live up to expectations as we really care about our dental patients who go back to Ireland or UK with a satified healthy smile!